The Birthday List 2013-2014

Every year since I turned 25, I've made a list on my birthday with a set number of things I want to accomplish.  It started off kind of free wheeling and wild, then halfway into 25, I got pregnant, and I've spend the last 3 years creating and spitting out children.  This is my first non-pregnant birthday list.

UPDATE: Completed 15/28 as of August.  I have to get cracking.

1.  Get new glasses.
I tried these pairs from Warby Parker and I like no. 2 the best!  Still need to order.

2.  Have a professional massage.

3.  Try bangs?  Why does this seem like such a good idea when my brain knows NO?

4.  Go to my 10 year high school reunion and talk to at least one person I didn't in high school.
This was actually not nearly as fun as I thought, but I followed through.  I am, however, permanently cured of reunion curiosity.

5.  Guest post to at least one blog or site with major readership (Liberating Working Moms, Hello Giggles, etc.)
guest posted at Liberating Working Moms earlier this year!

6.  Paint a piece of furniture aqua.

7.  Lose 20 pounds.  (Hell, more than 20, but I'll take this in little chunks)
Ten pounds down so far, I think I might hit 20 by October!

8.  Get my blood sugar tested (a postpartum test that I never took care of)
Finally took care of this in May, which sparked ashlie gets fit

9.  Hang my Steve Zissou finger puppet from my rear view mirror

10.  Take Milo (and Elliott?) to see Mickey.
No longer going to happen.  I'm going to wait until they're a little older.

11.  Make an "Every Damn Day" list for myself.

12. Write a post/essay and share pictures of the progress we've made while we lived in this house.

13.  Put our house on the market.
We started this process and realized we're not going to sell right now.

14.  Buy one of the dresses I've been drooling over on ModCloth.
I've bought two cute dresses this year!

15.  Keep a feature in the side bar of the blog with books I've read.
Present in the sidebar!  I've had more luck with this than with Shelfari or Goodreads

16.  Create and blog posting schedule to be proud of.  Keep to it.  (Twice a week?  Once?)
I've written often but not consistently.  I wrote a schedule for August that I've been sticking to.

17.  Make a plan  for interacting in the "blog world" and reach out to others.
I've been commenting on Instagram/other blogs and even toying with applying to some blogging collectives.

18.  Go for a day-long hike with Ben and the boys.

19.  Take the family to Story Land or comparable New England landmark.
Headed to either Story Land or Santa's Village in a few weekends.

20.  Will and Life Insurance.  Nonnegotiable.

21.  Read the rest of the Game of Thrones series.

22.  Pick a novel to read aloud to my 1st grade class.
We read Sideways Stories from Wayside School and Mr. Popper's Penguins.

23.  Start a healthy supper club.

24.  Get a tragus or nose piercing.
Pierced my nose and second holes done in my ears!

25.  Make a nightly routine that involves not falling asleep on the couch and read every night.

26.  Finish my master's degree and walk in the ceremony.
Mission accomplished 

27.  Dedicate a tree or a bench or something memory of Grandpa and Daddy, my Kauffman men.

28.  Run a 5k or stop talking about it.  Either is acceptable.
This one surprised me

"Okay, if you don't do all these things I have to kill you." -Laurel

Past birthday lists: 27 *  26 *  25 *  25 (original)


  1. Rustoleum makes my favorite aqua spray paint, & sherwin williams "fountain" is a good paint can aqua, maybe lightened 25% though :)

    Great list!

    1. I think I might attempt to spray paint a filing cabinet for our new den/library space! I'm using your rec :)

  2. I'd love to see posts updating on what you've completed so far!


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