The Birthday List 2014-2015

Every year, I write a birthday list, comprised of things I want or need to do before the next October 6th comes around.  I started the year I turned 25, then got pregnant and revised my substance-heavy list, and have continued to use them to fuel my fun and productivity ever since.  I've done everything from visit breweries to buy new glasses to hang a finger puppet from my rear-view mirror.

This year is a doozy: the last year of my twenties.  To be clear, I'm not feeling remotely nostalgic for my youth.  I've found more security and confidence each year that I've grown older, and I think 50 is where I'll probably hit my stride.  The coolest people I know are much older than me.  Still, making it through my 3rd decade is something to celebrate.  This list will be thirty things I want to do before I'm thirty.

In a slight change from previous years, I'm going to be devoting posts to smaller chunks of the list, to explain the whys and hows of various bullet points.  Every five list items will be shared in their own blog post. Because I'll never tire of hearing myself talk about myself, you can read more about the list item by clicking through.

Last but not least, I seriously recommend making birthday list for yourself.  It's a really fun way to fill your years with significant and not-so-significant goals, and its interesting to go back and see what you hoped to accomplish in any given year.  If your list isn't full of your most private secrets, please share it with me in the comments!  I'll probably steal half your ideas.  Without further ado...the 2014-2015 Birthday List.

1. Have my tarot cards read

2. Participate in a New Moon and Full Moon ritual

3. Participate in National Novel Writing Month

4. Dye my hair

5. Run a 5 mile race

6. Run a 10k

7. Write a will, including non-legal letters detailing things I want my kids to know

8. Add to my leg tattoo

9. Get paid for a piece of writing

10. Interview someone for the National Day of Listening

11. Interview 5 ladies I do not know in real life for the Her 
Own Lady series

12. Go completely sugar-free for a week

13. Start a book club and complete at least three books (online and in real life)

14. Create a nightly routine that includes reading every night

15. Visit three breweries

16. Donate my time for something I believe in

17. Donate a bench or plaque or something in honor of my father and my grandfather

18. Read 25 books from a specifically curated book list 

19. Be able to shoulder press 60 lbs, row 60 lbs, and hold a plank for 60 seconds

20. Update The Gloworm Letters with specific pictures and letters for each child

21. Go to The Strand theater with the whole family

22. Have a family camping night 

23. Cook 5 new recipes 

24. Hang a picture ledge in the living room to showcase seasonal books

25. Create a weekly schedule with time allotted for writing tasks, exercise, and housekeeping

26. Make Elliott a book of pictures of the first few days of his life

27. Get three picture book author signatures

28. Adopt a skin care routine (face wash, moisturizer, and foundation) 

29. Frame at least five family pictures (current and vintage) and hang in the house

30. Go complaint-free at work for an entire day

Past birthday lists: 28 27 *  26 *  25 *  25 (original)

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