Frequently Asked

Haven't you had like, 60 blogs by now?
Yup!  I started with livejournals in high school and college.  In 2008 I started a blog called Simple Girl's Guide to Life, which eventually became Simple Girl.  In 2013 I launched a blog called Simple Mama in Massachusetts.  I intended it to be a mommy blog where I could review places I took my kids and write about mother's issues, but I instantly found that boring and it morphed into a lifestyle/family blog about my day-to-day life.  Now I have Be Your Own Lady, and I hoping this will be an umbrella under which all my ideas can fall.  OR ELSE stay tuned for a new launch in 2015. I also have a blog where I write letters to my sons, Milo & Elliott. It's called The Gloworm Letters and is usually grossly neglected.  

In summation!
Livejournal pages are blissfully lost in a corner of the world wide web.
Posts about my children can be found at The Gloworm Letters.  
Posts from my prior blog are separately housed at Simple Girl.  
Posts from Simple Mama in Massachusetts are currently housed on the site you're visiting.

What do you do for a living?  Do you make any money from this site?
I'm a first grade teacher in a public school in Massachusetts.  I write before and after school, and during nap time in the summers and vacations.  Right now, I'm not paid for any writing that I do, but it is a dream of mine to freelance at least enough to fund my take out coffee habit.  As far as this site is concerned, if I am ever offered a product or payment in exchange for a review, I'll definitely let you know.  Again, this has only happened a few times, so let's not get excited.

What are your weight loss goals?  I thought you said we should be proud of our bodies, why are you always talking about changing yours?
I'm currently trying to lose weight in order to live a healthier life and lower my blood pressure and blood sugar.  This is on the advice of my doctor.  Because I love and am proud of my body, I am honoring it by trying to take better care of it.  I'd also like several more decades to hang out with my family, so that's a motivator, too.  For more information about my health goals, check out the label ashlie gets fit.

How does your family feel about being featured so prominently in your writing?  Are you worried that the boys will resent you sharing so much without their permission?
As far as Ben is concerned, I rarely share anything about him without checking first.  We have ups and downs in our marriage, like every couple, but I am very lucky as far as husbands go.  I usually have only good things to say.

With the boys, I'm not opposed to sharing things and talking about them.  They're one of my favorite subjects, and at this age, they are one of my biggest projects, with kid stuff taking up almost all my time.  When they're older, I'll share my online spaces with them and if they feel uncomfortable about anything, it'll be gone.  Kids in Milo & Elliott's generation are being raised in a social media world from day 1.  I know of few children who have zero online presence. 

I'm interested in starting a blog.  Do you have any advice for me?
Do it!  You can get a blogger or page for free and JUST START WRITING.  Try not to be self conscious.  Write in lots of different styles and see which voice sounds right to you.  Don't worry about how your page looks right away- there is plenty of time and 1000 great tutorials to help you spice it up as you go.  Just focus on writing something, every day if you can, and get it out there.  Share the link on your Facebook and Twitter, send it to your mom and your best friend.  Don't spend time arguing that there is already a blog about baking or dog grooming or being a single mom or the everyday life of a college student.  Yes, those blogs exist, but they aren't written by you.  If something tells you to write, sit down and write.  You will never regret it.

I have an idea for a blog post, series, or interview.  This content needs to live on Be Your Own Lady now!
If you have a guest post submission, an idea you'd like to see someone else write about, or a possible subject for an interview, please shoot me an e-mail at  I want Be Your Own Lady to represent the lives of all different kinds of people, so nothing is out of the question!


  1. I think this site name and goal does a great job of smashing all your ideas together into one big one. and I very much appreciate how candidly you always share your life :)

  2. Ashlie my love, you are such an inspirational lady. I started a blog shortly after I moved back up here from FL and reconnected with you. Your blogs are all so fantastic, I had to start one up! I have not been so good about posting over the past few months or so but after checking out your new site, you have once again inspired me! Thank you for being you :)

    1. I'm so, so happy you're home! I also love your blog posts- I will be referencing your DIYs forever. Can't wait to see more from you!

  3. You are such a fun writer! I love how you express things. I know you'll totally fund your coffee habit and more someday!


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