Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nevermind, that's not what I meant

Here are some hard truths coming at you: I'm bored of this site.  I've only had it operating for under a month, but it feels like some annoying homework assignment when it's time to actually do the write ups that I had been anticipating when I came up with this idea.  I was really excited to talk about all the crazy mama-centered stuff that goes through my head all day.  And now I'm really, really not.

I think maybe the site is fine but my vision needs to change.  Instead of trying to make some generic, pinterest-worthy idea site, I need to let Simple Mama be a place where I can write about my kids, and my mama life, my family and our adventures.  I've been squeezing out a lot of my personality and opinions to create this generic, one-size-fits-all voice for this blog, and I realize now that I hate that voice. So I'm kicking that voice out.

I'm hoping that I can operate this site more like I operated my Simple Girl blog over the years; a wonderful outlet where I can record memories, vent, and connect without obsessing over hits, pinterest clicks, comments, or followers.  The reason I love blogging is because it cements my memories and lets me just flow.  My favorite bloggers write about their day-to-day lives and their families.  That's what I'm going to do.

I've been spending a ton of time lately thinking about my roles and my own personality.  I think it has to do with shifting from being a stay at home mom to heading back to teaching, and creeping up on 30, and edging towards a decade of being married.  All of it makes me think a lot about what I like, why I like it, and how much I can honor who I am at any given moment.  I've spent a lot of my life being a follower and a people pleaser; a lot of my self worth is wrapped up in good grades, lots of 'likes', being a yes man for my bosses.  I'd like to tune out some of the voice I hear saying "PLEASE LIKE ME" and try to find a way to sing "THIS IS MORE LIKE IT."  Hopefully some of that will translate into my writing here.  Stay tuned!

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