Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two Under Two Review: Children's Museum at Holyoke

 The Children's Museum at Holyoke completely took me by surprise when Milo, Elliott, my sister Laurel, and I headed to check it out on Saturday.  I'd never heard of it until it was listed as a part of Fun Free Fridays this summer, and a glance at the website showed some cute exhibits, but I think we might have stumbled on one of my new favorite places.

Things I absolutely loved: 
-The city set up.  There were little rooms off of a main hallway that represented a post office, grocery store, fire station, veterinarian's office, and a diner.  Little people, little world.

-The huge climber that rivals the one at the Boston Children's Museum.  I would never let Milo go in the one in Boston because the sheer number of children is insane.  This one was just as cool with way less mess and Milo had a blast.  (So did Aunt Lulu.  Thanks!)

-Tot Lot, or baby room.  Cute place for Elliott to chill, but the half wall let me wave to Milo, too.

-Giant theater area with stage lights, painted sets, and tons of costumes to choose from.

-There was so much to do, but in a small, contained area.  I could lay eyes on Milo from most places in the museum, which was great and would have been even more helpful if I was there solo with both boys.

-The little corner dedicated to the "gift shop" has really great prices.  We got a ton of small plastic animals for a dollar a piece and Milo has a cute new shirt.

Things that were less awesome:
-The drive was a little lengthy- 90 minutes is too long for some families.  It worked for us because the kids sleep well in the car and wake up ready to play like crazy.  Plus I had my sister along for a chat, but when I don't have anyone with me, I listen to hours of podcasts and feel like an intelligent adult woman for at least an hour.

-Not a lot else is around.  It's kind of in the middle of nowhere.  Because I was familiar with the area, I knew that we could stop in Amherst on the way home and get a snack and see a friend, but some people would have trouble making a day out of the trip.

All in all, it was an awesome day.  It was a perfect visit to cap off our community helpers week, and we're definitely going to go back.  Have you been to the Children's Museum at Holyoke?  What did you think?  I'd love to hear what you thought!

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