Sunday, October 13, 2013

Milo is TWO!

My sunshine butt-boy is two.  I'm so happy and proud of the thousand things he's learned this year.  I love him as a little buddy, I love him as a big brother.  He and Elliott are my greatest accomplishments to date.

I need to say thank you to the huge network of love that keeps our family floating, wrapped together.  Milo's family is huge, with people spread over the East Coast.  Traditional family like his auntie and godmother, my sister Laurel, who we consider the fifth person in our nuclear family.  Like his Mimi and Grandpa, who send holiday care packages and have weekly FaceTime.  Like Nona and Grampy, who come in with treats and special cars and send Mama off for blessed alone time (always right when it's needed).  Cousins and aunties and uncles who send cards and special stuffies and love.

But then there's the family that I've found in Leominster.  I'm so lucky to have people who love my children like I do, who know a pediatrician or a shoe store or a preschool that would be a good fit.  People who welcome me into their homes for a play date, who come an babysit long enough for me to grocery shop alone, who are available whether I need help when I go into labor or whether I just need a break.  People who pass on entire wardrobes of clothing.  People who stop by with pizza and a case of beer because they know I may never get out for a drink again.  People who leave little toys for Milo in my mail box at school.  People who have taught me what real community is, and made me realize how special it is that I've found it.

And then there is the internet community- all you glorious people who let me ramble on about our little family and all my hopes and fears and true confessions and just listen, let me know you read it, indulging me so kindly.  The people who endure the flood of pictures that I can never stop posting.  The people who chime in when I need suggestions for medicine or transitioning to the big boy bed or anything that crosses my mind.  Thank you for making me feel like there is always someone friendly just a click away.

Lastly, thank you Milo.    You made me a mama, and it's my favorite thing that I've ever been.  Happy birthday, baby.

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