Saturday, January 24, 2015

Coffee and Blogs No. 16

Where I live, it is snowing. It's so damn cozy I can barely handle it.  We're snuggled up with electric blankets and warm drinks and no plans at all, the perfect timing for staying inside and fighting off head colds.  Here are some things to read if you're able to lay low!

LATE NOTICE! Today is National Readathon Day! Get cozy and read because you have an excuse!  Right now I'm reading All The Truth That's In Me, but I'm having trouble pushing through because it's sad and haunting.  You might have heard me raving on Instagram about the awesome, hilarious, light and fun Evil Librarian.  For me, it's one of those books that makes others after it seem less than.  I also have been hearing GOOD THINGS about Station Eleven.

Sarah from Yes and Yes is starting a series of modern-day takes on awesome classic ladies.  I love her idea, and her sweet profile of Anne Shirley, but I think there needs to be a nod to Anne's awesome teaching career somewhere in her update.

Speaking of riffing on literary ladies, a few people have pointed me to this AMAZING re imagining of the Potter series with Hermione as the main character.  Some of my favorite lines include, "without Hermione, the Boy Who Lived would be dead as shit" and "Hermione did not like being ignored, nor did she like institutional gender bias. So she set that bitch on fire."  I remember reading an article in Jane magazine mentioning Hermione as a poor role model because she always studied and always worried, and feeling wounded.  Now I'm smart enough to know that Hermione doesn't have to Lara Croft to be a terrific badass.  Thank god.

Kate is asking us to make some room, and it drove home a point that has been tickling the edges of my mind.  I went to college in Massachusetts and surround myself with friends and media that is largely liberal, so I often think "we're done fighting! no one is going to be rude about racism or social issues and obviously this is my body and everyone can love who they want."  But, ah, no.  We have a lot further to go.

I don't share enough Gala articles- she is one of the first people I ever followed who talked a lot about self-love and other mystical things.  We're currently in Mercury Retrograde (I fact I somewhat ignorantly blame on every single thing that I struggle with at work right now) and this article has some advice to help you thrive until it ends on Feb. 12th.  I've also been reading about magic for your house and I need some oils and some crystals, stat.

My favorite new Instagram account- @omgliterallydead.  Literally.  Thanks, Victoria.

Here are a few of my articles I found myself revisiting lately: Channeling Leslie Knope to Kick Ass At Work, hey suburbia, we're in love with you, Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

I'm trying to work on setting up a virtual book club (be your own book club?) and I'm wondering if there is any interest on the blog front?  I have a few friends I want to include that I chat with on instagram, and some friends scattered around the country.  The only title I definitely want to include is Yes Please, but I'm open to title suggestions (YA not necessary, despite my obsession of late).  Let me know your thoughts, lovelies!

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At January 24, 2015 at 1:13 PM , Blogger Molly said...

Just chiming in to say that I would be ALL about a virtual book club. :) Also, I'm currently taking a children's literature class for my MLIS, focusing on ages 8-14. Would you have any suggestions of books that I need to read?

At January 24, 2015 at 7:02 PM , Blogger victorious secret said...

Thanks for the shout-out! <3 #omgliterallysogladwevirtuallymet

At January 25, 2015 at 5:20 AM , Blogger ashlie said...

I was hoping you would be pro-book club! I know your reading is out of control for school but if we can steal some extra hours, LOVELY! I saw this comment after I went crazy on your Insta page, but I'm going to wrack my brains a little further. The Narnia books fall in there, and a series by Lois Lowry about a ten-year-old girl called Anastasia Krupnik (I think there are 3 or 4 of them). I'm so excited for your huge challenge!

At January 25, 2015 at 5:21 AM , Blogger ashlie said...

Hahaha, Skellie (and by extension you) has brought me great joy. Plus, Alexander references? #omgliterallyditto


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