Wednesday, May 21, 2014

some thoughts

Some thoughts.

I declare this the summer of the Frozen soundtrack.  I know I'm late to the game with almost all things, but I'm just getting warmed up on this one.  Yesterday I caught myself humming one of the songs while I helped one of my first graders open her snack.  I thought, "she gets me," and leaned over.

"Do you ever find yourself getting those Frozen songs stuck in your head?  I know I do!"

"Nah.  I'm actually pretty sick of all those songs.  But sometimes, I guess, I still sing them."  

She tacked that last sentence on the end when she thought she might hurt my feelings.  These kids were obsessed back in November, when I was still rolling my eyes and thinking how this generation of youth will never understand the TRUE Disney classics, like The Little Mermaid, who gave up her voice for a man and then left her family to marry him for a REAL happy ending.  But Milo still says, "SchNOWMAN!" whenever we hear the opening bars of a Frozen song, so I'm sure I'll get away with it for the next few months.

We just booked tickets to go to Story Land, and I'm about as excited as I would be if we just set ourselves up for a 10-day European cruise.  The boys and our family have traveled A LOT, but never just the four of us going somewhere because it's where we want to go.  Ben and I used to take a lot of smaller trips before we had kids.  We liked exploring, and listening to music in the car.  This vacation is going to bring a little of that back into our lives.  BTW, where are the must-bring packing lists for your New Hampshire vacation on Pinterest?

There are 23 days of school left, but this is the time of year where the focus starts shifting to the NEXT year.  Yesterday I decided I was going to move some furniture in my classroom, since pregnancy and maternity leaves have kept me from being too creative over the past few years.  I moved my desk and found a completely rotten apple and a large chunk of cut human hair.  I didn't cry, or scream, but I wondered.  I have a new configuration for my desk, and I'm planning a few other ways to make the room a fresh learning space by the time my next batch of babies comes strolling in.

Ben and I figured out (late to the game) how to sync our iPhone calendars.  Summer, here we come.



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