Friday, May 9, 2014

thinking over coffee

It's a very cozy morning.  I've read some blogs and answered some e-mails.  Milo came out of his bedroom holding my paperback copy of Goblet of Fire and hasn't let it out of his grasp all morning.  Ben and Elliott woke up in a good mood.  We had teacher appreciation week and I've been feeling really appreciated.  I had a good observation in my classroom.  I think I have just one more round of revisions on my last paper of grad school.  My mom is coming next week, barring the early birth of my nephew, and both things are so welcome that it's win win.  

If you're just stopping by from Top Baby Blogs, welcome!  The stats were recently reset, and I've used the opportunity to check out some new blogs;  I was bummed to go back to zero, but it's actually refreshing to see all the titles mixed up.  Top Baby Blogs has been the gateway for me to connect with bloggers I would have never come across, and it's due to your clicks that I have that chance.  If you can spare another vote, go ahead and click on the banner below, then click on the left owl.  Thanks for keeping me up there.

Thank you for reading here.  Thank you for reading if you know me and thank you for reading if you don't.  I'm feeling so helped and strong and supported after sharing about my health plans this week.  And also about our canceled move.  And everything I blurt out on this online journal.  I'm starting to meet more people, and more people are starting to read and share.  Friends of family,  friends of friends...the sphere is widening.  I asked Ben if he wanted me to pull back, be a little more private, now that our family is getting more attention and I'm sharing so much of our business.  He said no, keep it up.  I was so relieved.  Thank you for commenting, sending me messages and e-mails, stopping me in the hallways, the thumbs up, the encouragement.  It means more than you know.

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