Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coffee and Blogs

(one my favorite pins of the week.  original link here.)

Taking a minute to share some great stuff I found on the internet recently:

My mom and stepfather gifted me Stephen King's On Writing when I was in high school, based on my love of writing fanfiction.  I never realized they were giving me one of most popular writing guides out there.  Here is some more writing advice from Mr. King.

I've been searching different magazine-style sites to see if contributing would be a good for me.  I used to LOVE Jane magazine when I was high school, and was crushed the first time I couldn't find it in the airport before I flew with my family. Jane is back (has been for awhile) and they have some really great writing advice.  

I love this dress, this outfit, and this make up.  AND OH MAN these  tattoos.

A good friend sent me this site, which is literally a place to write three good things about your day- not for sharing on Instagram or to keep a permanent record, just to write them and see them and know them and move on.

NPR completely got me with this perfect April Fools Day prank.  Woah.

I've read this blog several times over the years and it's frankly not really for me.  The author's lifestyle is so separate from mine, which usually draws me in, but the tone never got me to keep reading.  THAT BEING SAID I really like this post about living simply and saving money.  I think the biggest struggle for me is being a good steward of my things.

Favorite Facebook status of the week: "Finally watched Frozen and felt on the verge of tears the whole time, thinking how all the kids in my hallway at school sing the songs ALL THE TIME and this might be their little mermaid and Esh made some singing noises and it was emotional."

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Did you see anything awesome on the internet this week?  Tell me!

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