Tuesday, March 4, 2014

real life real talk: the systems have failed us

Last night the systems failed us.  No real huge upsets, and no exact clear reason why, but it had something to do with children ripping off their diapers and spilling the contents all over the hallway (TWICE), a baby inexplicably screaming at the tops of his lungs like I was dipping him in hot oil when I lowered him into a lukewarm bath, or a toddler who, angry at begin forced to sit on the toilet, kicked over all the soap/shampoo bottles, upset the towel basket, and crashed the magazine rack into a puddle of pee on the floor.  I don't think it helped when I saw the scene in the bathroom, yelled "What are you doing?!", Milo yelled back, "PEEING!", and I rested my head against the doorjamb and cried.  Just a little dramatic, but then, that's where he gets it.

I took a deep breath and got over myself and helped Milo flush and laid him down for jammies.  I was quiet and not angry or huffy anymore like I had been for the last 15 minutes.  Milo looked at me carefully, then rubbed his fist across his chest in one of the last signs he still does and said, "Darry, mama.  I darry."  I picked him up and gave him a hug and he put his hand on the side of my face and said, "Mama cry?"  I said, "No, mama happy."  I did the sign for sorry back to him.  "I'm sorry I yelled.  I love you."  And I let him stay up a little later and cook Elliott and I soup and ice cream&apple sandwiches.  By the time Ben got home, Monka was in the dryer (a victim of a pee puddle) and Elliott was in his dark room and Milo was laying with me in our bed, talking about exactly what was going to happen to "pee monka."

The point of all this was that a little hour long episode of absolutely crazy ENDED MY NIGHT.  Ben opened the door and Milo burst into the living room babbling about Monka and pee and milk and books in one excited sentence.  I told Ben a little about our crazy afternoon.  He looked as tired as I felt.  I feel asleep while Ben was reading off the names of Thomas' friends.  I woke up at 10:30 when Ben was coming to bed.  The kitchen and living room were tidied up and kids were asleep.  I said thank you 30 times and went back to bed.

So yeah, you can have great routines and the worlds coolest to-do list notepad (I do) and no matter how organized you are, you're sometimes going to fall asleep at 7:45 coated in the fluids of your kids with dramatic, exhausted tears drying on your cheeks and fall further behind in your homework and feel guilty that you left your poor husband to fend for himself all night and it's just going to happen.  Dust yourself off and do it again tomorrow!

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