Monday, February 17, 2014

winter diversions

1. Ben and I in Boston for his work holiday party  
2. Elliott's first try at a sensory table
3. Milo coloring a diaper box mural
4. Valentine's night actually turned out to be one of our nicest dates in awhile

5. Milo checking out a lizard surrounded by a cool taxidermy display
6. Ben and his guys.  I am obsessed with this shot, however blurry 
7. Bubble room happiness
8. Elliott is about the size of a traffic cone

It's the heart of winter.  Lots of snow days, the weather constantly disrupting plans.  We've been trapped inside a bit, and gotten out some, too.  The second set of pictures is from our family date to the Boston Children's Museum for Valentine's Day.  We parked at Alewife station and took the train into the city for Milo.  Elliott got strapped to my chest and flirted with strangers.  It was our first time at the museum with two walkers and our first big outing without the stroller.  It was a really great day.  We ended with cookies and quick Lulu visit at a bakery around the corner.  We were exhausted but happy when it was all over, which I think means a good weekend.

It's February break now, and we're set up for a week of hair cuts and appointments and tiny daily adventures.  I spent today cooking and coming up with plans to keep the boys busy until we're back in our normal routine.  It's a nice little life.

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