Saturday, February 8, 2014

Move update: January

Our family choose a word to define 2014: move.  I'll be checking in monthly to follow our progress moving our bodies and moving out of our current house.

Bodies: I wish I had more encouraging things to say about this.  I'm not an athletic person, and when winter comes, I basically turn into a hibernating animal.  In college I was in excellent shape, due to having completely free afternoons, a completely free gym in walking distance, and the goal of a wedding to work for.  At this point, I have 1000 crappy excuses and a gym membership languishing on our debit card.  A few times I've gone to the gym after the kids are in bed, but with zero regularity.  

I found some good little at-home calorie blasts on pinterest, including one where I actually know the moves and might possibly follow through.  I need to make it a part of my routine to make it actually happen.  I'm following some inspirational feeds on instagram: Holly (@hollieiv) and Diana (@livylovestorun) are both workout beasts and post amazing pictures of their workouts, yummy meals, and their coveted electronic tracking (I want a fitbit so bad).  Honestly, if you can connect it to social media, my chances of following through skyrocket.

We are having 10-15 minute family dance parties every night between dinner and bath time; Milo begs and insists that we put music on and DEENCE!   We run back and forth, jump a lot, and both kids ask to be lifted and tossed.  That is definitely more moving then a month ago, so I guess it's moving in the right direction. 

House: I mentioned before that I'm feeling super reserved about leaving.  I'm realizing how much I freaking love our tiny house and I'm typing feelings without even realizing I had them: I'm scared to leave here.  When we moved in I was a total mess in my early twenties and selfish and crazy and I grew up here, made babies and brought them home, taught them to walk and play and sing here, took Christmas pictures and had birthday parties and leaving really scares me.  Reason #2 to have a blog: free and silent therapy. 

So I'll be working through those emotions, because no matter how scared I feel, it's time to leave.  The boys need more space and we want to have people in our home more often and the only way to make it work is to get a little more space.  But our sweet little neighborhood, our friends, our walks.  The lady who keeps ducks.  The great trick or treating.  The bookstore at the base of the hill, the playground around the corner.  My refusal to get into any in depth conversations with Ben about this process is making a lot more sense now.

We made the biggest step we'll make and contacted a realtor who had sold several houses in our area lately.  She was nice and great and we have a short list of projects to work on before we list the house.  We're also going to open houses and getting prequalified to have a solid idea about our budget and our must haves before honest house-hunting even starts.  We have a plan.

So that's how we're doing so far.  Unsurprisingly, I've turned fairly straightforward goals into emotional minefields.  We're 1/12 of the way through, let's see what else I can get conflicted about.



At February 12, 2014 at 9:40 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

How exciting.. moving. I bet you are just stressed and overwhelmed! Work. Mother. Move...A lot to do! But it is all worth it. Congratulations!

By the way, Love the blog!
Check out mine!


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