Sunday, December 29, 2013

at the moment I'm // no. 2

...home.  We went to Florida for Christmas.  We DROVE to Florida for Christmas.  Call it temporary insanity, call it compromise for my travel-weary husband, but we did it.  There were entire days of the journey where it went better than expected, and other chunks of time where it felt like a literal spilled-sippy-cup-poopy-diaper hell.  I'm putting together a post of details and things that made driving 1200 miles in two days with a one-year-old and a two-year-old possible.  And things not to do.  Spoiler alert: don't feed them nothing but pouches of apple sauce for snacks.  Just don't.

...up.  We got home last night at 11:30.  The kids needed fresh clothes and milk.  I needed a shower (consequences of the applesauce-only diet in the car).  We didn't get to sleep until close to 1am.  And yet I set my alarm for 5:20.  This is my commitment to my early-morning me time, and after a week of vacation,  I was desperate for it.  Elliott woke up and I put him in his seat with some toys and PBS cartoons.  Nothing was keeping me from coffee and reading/writing time today.

...antsy.  I want to take down the ornaments from our dead and wilted tree.  I want to put everything Christmasy out of sight.  I want to sort through the mountain of toys and set up the system (plastic box with a lid for each category: cars, food/dishes, balls, etc) I've been dreaming of.   I want to wipe down our mostly-empty fridge and stock it with healthy food.  I want to tackle our smelly, trash-filled car and scrub the poor car seats that took so much abuse.  I want to get a pedicure and go to the gym and see all my friends for breakfast every morning.  I need to pump the brakes so I don't overwhelm for disappoint myself.

...ready.  Ben and I spent some time in the car talking about our plans for 2014.  I'm going to write a  post about the word we choose a guide for our family.  This morning I will pick new wallpaper for phone home and lock screens, and my laptop background.  I need to hang our new, yet-to-be-purchased family calendar. This week we'll pick out a movie theme for New Year's Eve and we're going to decide on one year-round-up tradition that we can do while we wait for midnight (I'm torn between making a family year book for 2013 or a mason jar family time capsule that we can display).  Bloggers go crazy for goals, resolutions, and fresh starts, so there are tons of great articles to read about getting ready for the new year.  I live for this shit.

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