Sunday, August 3, 2014

Coffee and Blogs No. 8

This week has been busy.  I launched the new site, made some connections with other internet people, and started reaching out to create fresh content  in the form of interviews and collaborative series.  In other words, I spent too much time on the internet.  My loss (the loss of fresh air and exercise and wholesome activity) is your gain, because I read some great stuff this week.  As always, get cozy with your beverage of choice and browse away.

1. A coolly hilarious article about the polished Instagram image vs. the reality of what was happening outside the frame. I want to do one about kid/food pictures.  Like, "My child is screaming at the baby gate from hunger and I'm standing on a kitchen chair snapping a pic of the dinner he's not allowed to touch yet."  Casual, normal behavior, I'm sure.

2. Pictures of freshman students from students around the world, taken in their first week in New York City and again at the end of their first year. I was taken aback that they didn't actually look that different, and sometimes much simpler after a year in the city.

3. I've been reading a lot of Mara Glatzel, and want to share two of my favorite pieces from her site.  The first is a guest post and talks about why writing about body image is still important.  The second is written by Mara and is about grieving for the perfect girl we thought would eventually show up and replace us.  I remember sitting on the bus and picturing this girl.  At first I thought she'd come when I was allowed to wear makeup, then I thought she'd be there when I had perfect clothes.  I still picture her, skinny and never sweaty, swooping in just in time to go back to work after a summer off.  Spoiler alert- this girl is never coming.  You might know this girl.  Read the article! 

4. Mental Floss is my favorite magazine, Twitter account, and website.  I love this round of up of thank you notes from famous people.  My favorites are from Roald Dahl, Conan O'Brien, and Barack Obama.

5. "Want great abs? Eat sensibly and go to the gym (a lot).  Want a successful business? Work your ass off and make smart, informed decisions.  Want a fantastic relationship?  Make it a priority.  All these things take time, tenacity, and patience.  They don't happen by magic, and when you act like they do, or when you pretend everything was just a happy accident, you do a disservice to others who'd like to emulate some of that success in their own lives." -Gala Darling in her article I Woke Up Like This: On Flawlessness, and Admitting the Effort Required.

6. Writing advice that doesn't take itself too seriously.

7. Some astrological advice for August: Sarah Varcas and Lena Stevens.  Apparently this is a month to implement action plans and generally get stuff done.  I'm still waiting for the August report from Astrology Zone to go live.

8. Self care resources I'm into: holding the framework, a self care planner, and a comic.

9. Blog suggestions from my RSS feed: I'm advertising on Your Wishcake and Little Lady Little City in August.  Kerri has a beautiful blog celebrating homemaking, marriage, and parenting.  Amanda has a quirky space with a lot of hand-drawn illustrations and cat pics.  I love them both.

Did you read anything this week that you're loving?  I'm always looking for a way to linger longer in my favorite chair with non-matching ottoman...send your suggestions my way.  Happy weekend!



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