Saturday, March 7, 2015

Coffee and Blogs No. 17

About a month ago, maybe longer, my laptop completely died.  This was approximately twelve hours after Ben reminded me, AGAIN, that I needed to back up my six plus years of pictures, encompassing the full lives of both our children, on the external hard drive he had bought for such a purpose.  I nodded, ignored him, and the next morning, the power button didn't work.  I'm not even mad.

Because I have completely blocked out the entire problem.

One day, I will take my old laptop to the computer store in town and see if there's any way to save my precious files.  I will use the sum of money that Ben* set aside from our tax return and buy a new laptop, a new piece of technology that I can gently abuse and generally take for granted.  Until then, I'm insisting EVERYTHING IS FINE! cobbling together an internet life from Ben's desktop, my phone, that Kindle...every screen I've got.  I'm losing links left and right, and can only work on my story (which I write in Google Drive so it's safe in the magical mysterious servers of the world at all times) at odd moments.  Blogging has been tough.  I miss you cuties.

But enough with excuses.  I have some links to share, and I really love thinking of you, spread across the country and world, getting cozy on your couch or treadmill or toilet or wherever it is that you find a few minutes to spare for yourself, and reading away.

Anne discusses the theory that every ten years, you have to remake everything.  I love trying to trace the years that were pivotal, especially focusing on the times that DON'T signify major milestones.  I think last year was definitely huge for me- I reconnected with a nonwife/nonmother part of me and fell back in love with words.  Ten years before that- met a guy named Ben.

Parks and Recreation ended, and I felt lots of feelings.  Similar to the computer situation, I'm in denial.  It will hit hard when the seventh season is available on Netflix.  These Parks and Rec gifs ease so many ailments of the body and soul.

I've struggling a tiny bit with how to make #beyourownbookclub a place where we can really discuss books online, connecting over quotes and questions and big ideas.  February went okay, but I think it can be better.  I'm looking into message boards- I want to avoid a Facebook group.  Anyway, Book Riot shared this quote about an inverted book club that I thought was cool. What if we all shared the last book that got us pumped?

Sarah from Yes and Yes does a monthly Network of Nice, where she connects people who can offer a service with people who need a service.  Each board has a section for requests and a section for offers.  This month there are people offering to help you with editing and proofreading, tutoring in French or Hindi, or a place to crash in Barcelona.  There are also requests for advice on marshmallow making, so if that's your thing, head over.
“We cannot simply be free to do whatever we want, when we want. The cry of freedom must be tempered with recognition of the responsibility freedom brings and the necessity of turning an open heart and questioning mind to our pursuit of liberation. ‘Liberation of what?’, we must ask. ‘And why?’.
March astrology from Mystic Mama- seems like a difficult month, lots of exact plans to iron out, lots of work to be done.  I laid an intention (come up with a nighttime routine that doesn't involve passing out on the couch and waking up at 1am) at the new moon a few weeks ago and when I checked in during the full moon this week, I could see that only writing out the exact steps EVERY DAY when I made my lists made it possible to actually follow through.

Latest podcasts I've been listening to: 
Book Riot (about books and publishing)
Invisibilia (NPR, examining the invisible things that effect our lives)
Pop Culture Happy Hour (NPR, pop culture round table style) 

The same advice, but it's worth repeating OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  When you feel crappy, you need water, healthy food, rest, and kindness.  Unfortunately for me, crappy feelings tend to make my cavewoman brain hunt for junk food and Netflix marathons when I need them LEAST.  Jes at The Militant Baker shares a diagram for getting to the root of what you need when you're struggling.  

That's a wrap for now.  What are you reading and loving?  How are you handling the gritty, brown snow butt-end of winter?  The days are getting longer, lovelies.  We'll get there soon.

*Are we noticing that Ben is basically my parent?
**Gorgeous illustration by Kate Pugsley on Etsy, text added by me

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