Saturday, December 5, 2015

Coffee & Blogs No. 23

How was your week? I have been reeling from all this newly acquired free time, taking a break from my manuscript, and spending an inordinate chunk of head space wondering if anyone has watered the Christmas tree. I have not once watered the Christmas tree.

Let's get down to business. You want some links, don't you? Read away!

Listen to Hamilton. I am OVER THE MOON for this amazing show, and have resorted to bullying people into listening so we can sing it and quote it at each other (Thank you, Anna, for taking the brunt of this so far!). I have access to the entire playlist on Spotify but am probably going to buy the CD because I need the booklet and that is where I am at at this point. We will talk more about this later. For now, just listen.

I've been an on and off Yes & Yes reader for years, and just recently started checking in daily again. Sarah's true stories are amazing (Humblebrag: I was interviewed by her about being a child missionary. If it ever gets published, I will share it here with all the squees in the world!) and this one about living in a haunted house was surprisingly pleasant! A more sobering but just as lovely read is her interview with a woman who was in federal prison. The "instagram famous" one was really interesting, too. Check them all out.

It's an advent calendar. A literary advent calendar! A seasonal poem or short story for every day to Christmas. I'm reading things I never would have, and that makes me happy.

A police agency in the UK created this video that compares sexual consent to offering people tea. It clarifies consent in a way that is slightly jokey but also SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT.  When I was in college (the most sexually free/dangerous time I can pinpoint for modern young people) consent was not discussed openly, and I would have told you it only mattered if someone was saying no. The idea of asking for permission or saying yes was goofy, embarrassing, and NEVER TALKED ABOUT.  Drunk people lost consent rights by kind of unspoken agreement. Trust me. I'm so happy the conversation is changing, and I will be showing my boys this video, probably from the time they're about 12 on. They will hate me for it. But they will never give anyone tea who does not want tea. "Unconscious people don't want tea."

More Yes & Yes: Scout Finch in 2015. Sarah also gives us modern-day vingettes of Anne Shirley and Lizzy Bennet. I have requested Francie from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Hermione Granger, because.

Realizing that some of the best things that are in my life are mine by virtue of where I live and who raised me was very uncomfortable for me at first. I used to think that I had overcome some serious obstacles to live my modest but super privileged life. Recently, as I've become more educated to the inequality in our world, I recognize that without the emotional and financial support from my parents and my status as a educated white person, I would be treated very differently and need to work a lot harder. This cartoon brilliantly illustrates the paths two different people with the same intentions and different backgrounds can take. The cartoonist's follow up on the popularity and message of the piece are an interesting read, as well.

Self care for the busiest time of the year. This article has gentle, important tips. (I wrote about the same issues in a wordier, less actionable tone. This is mostly me complaining, but I love the image I found to go with it. Another December pep talk here.)

READ THIS IN A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN CACKLE OPENLY. I saw Love Actually in the theaters with my best friend and sister, and when we emerged just after midnight, the first snowfall of the year was gently covering the cars, and I've felt romantically about the movie ever since. As I've gotten older I began to spot problematic story lines here and there, but this article RIPS LOVE ACTUALLY APART in the most hilarious commentary I've ever read. I shared it on my Facebook page and a lot of friends told me that even though the article was spot on, they will still be lovingly watching this year. Ditto. (I reread the whole thing just now to try and find a quotable line and I would honestly have to quote the whole thing.)

Here are the names of people who died in the most recent mass shooting event. This link has information for finding out who your representatives are and a template for contacting them about gun control. Here is a satirical article reminding you that this happens here MORE THAN ANYWHERE and WE CAN CHANGE THAT. 

I wrote a review of  Carry On by Rainbow Rowell for What the Fangirl? and am planning on rereading Landline because it takes place at Christmas. I'm also loving the second book of Libba Bray's supernatural historical fiction YA series. I'm wishing I was Evie, but I'm a super Mabel. Are you reading anything terrific right now? Be Your Own Book Club will be back in January!

That's all for this week. Until next time!



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