Saturday, August 9, 2014

Coffee and Blogs No. 9

Image credit: Lily Bardenova

Happy Weekend!  Yesterday I took the boys to a sidewalk baazar in a seaside town and I bought soap made from beer and a super cute new wallet.  Today I'm getting giddy about a drive up to Vermont with Ben to celebrate a dear friend's wedding.  I hope your weekend is full of late-summer adventure and restful reading.  Get your drinks and get ready to go.

More astrology info for August is available!  My really loose understanding of what's happening right now is a lot of fun and social interaction in the first half of the month and a lot of focus and work towards a goal in the second half.  Information about tomorrow night's Supermoon is here, and Susan Miller's sign-specific August horoscopes are available here.

I've been enjoying Erica's blog, and I loved this article about using an iPhone to bring your family closer.  It's really refreshing to read positive things about technology.  It's here and it's not going away, so let's use it to our advantage!  

I'm a big fan of Humans of New York, and this is a similar project about people in Boston.  I adore the narratives that go with the pictures.  I could browse all day.

I shared this on my personal Facebook page, but I love this for many reasons and it all bears repeating.  The Call Me Ishmael project lets you share why you love your favorite book, and then the voicemails are transcribes and played in a short video that is shared on the site.  Awesome.  This one about a boy surviving a tough childhood by relying on the Harry Potter series moved me.  I already knew books were friends but they are also guardians.

Sarah from Yes and Yes launched a Post-College Survival Kit this week, and her site was full of awesome advice about to be a grown-ass woman all week.  I'm ten years out from college and still find all the reminders useful.  This post has great links, and poke around recent posts to see the magic she's been sharing.

Gillian shared about her creative process this week.  Her photographs are not to be missed!  I'm looking forward to answering these questions in the next few weeks.

Right now I'm reading Creativity, Inc. and Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets.  I'm picking up a few books from the library today and hoping to knock out a bunch of my summer list in the car this weekend.

Are you reading anything good, either on paper or in the beautiful internet world?  Tell me what I'm missing!



At August 9, 2014 at 11:11 AM , Blogger gillian claire said...

Thanks for mentioning my post! :) Lots of loveliness here - and I love that drawing on top!! Have fun in Vermont this weekend!


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