Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coffee & Blogs No. 10

I went back to work this week, and after 5 days, it already feels like summer never existed.  I'm fascinated by how easily I can switch back and forth between work and home after 8 years of teaching.  But I do miss having big blocks of time to dreamily browse the internet.  I'm currently letting the boys take out every single toy I've ever bought AND MIX THEM INTO A WOOD AND PLASTIC HELLSCAPE so I can cuddle under a huge comforter and read unnecessary things that will not improve my productivity in the slightest.  I hope you take some time this weekend to read unnecessary things.

Sarah from Yes and Yes shared this link, but it's important enough to share twice.  I struggle because my favorite humor is really raunchy stand up and Comedy Central shows- rape jokes come up.  Here is an intelligent deconstruction of why they're never funny.

I've wanted to read Roxanne Gay's book Bad Feminist since I heard a radio interview with her a few months ago.  This article brings up a lot of issues, especially using feminism to justify the policing of other women's behavior.  Virgina Woolf said it: "A feminist is any woman who tells the truth about her life."

A man dares to complain to Amy Poeler that it's hard to be a guy in the modern world when there are so many conflicting expectations and it's not cool to be cool and he uses the word "adorkable" and Amy just looks at him and shuts. it. down.

I've been trying to take more self portraits (okay, selfies) and pictures of the boys and I adventuring. This article has great tips.  I've never used a camera timer, and I might start.

More from the Notes to My Younger Self series: this is a very practical, applicable note from Molly of Hey Eleanor! I love her tips about work.  This series has been so much fun to follow.

I have no desire to give up my iPhone and tend to not beat myself up over my social media addictions, but I do like this plan for a little smartphone detox. I've recently deleted the Facebook app to save myself from mindlessly browsing at red lights (I KNOW)

I have been fighting poison ivy for the entire month of August, and I still can't figure out where the source is.  I appreciated this post on how to identify the devil plant.  But seriously, where is this flippin' stuff coming from?

I'll be back this week with an awesome article by Tina who brews beer and knows her stuff.  Here are some others who rock their ladyhood in the meantime: Sam is her own lady and Laurel is her own lady.

I'm off to send my weekend hanging out with my Papa and lovely cousin Page, painting my porch, and taking my family to the best flea market.  I hope you have 3 days off!  I hope you get to waste some time!



At August 30, 2014 at 8:54 AM , Anonymous Sarah said...

ASH!!! I've also been fighting poison ivy this month, without knowing the source. I'm at the end of a bout right now, and SURPRISE, woke up yesterday with a patch on my back. That "leaves of 3" thing isn't helping me - I can't wait to check out the link you posted! Thanks for posting!

At August 31, 2014 at 3:52 PM , Blogger Becky Goerend said...

I totallllly hear ya on missing time just to aimlessly browse the net.... oh work.... at least we get to act semi-retired for a couple months out of the year!

At September 4, 2014 at 6:35 AM , Blogger ashlie said...

I hear you! WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM! Mine is also leaving my skin super irritated, even after the actual poison ivy rash is gone. Oh summer. Miss you, lovely.

At September 4, 2014 at 6:35 AM , Blogger ashlie said...

I'm trying to stay strict about making my mornings about getting out the door and not lingering, but it's so hard :)


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